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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

“After five months in the business. Team LFG has become a lot more than just a team for me, it’s become family and in five short months, I’ve been able to develop myself and my skills as a leader. And I’ve also been able to grow a team of over 200 people all over the world impacting their lives, financially, and as individuals. I’ve also been able to raise my income by an extra $2,000 every single month by helping people all over the world. So I’m really blessed and grateful to be part of Team LFG. Let’s Fucking Go!”

-Jean Paul Castellanos

“In the past six months, I have really been able to change so many things in my life. I went from a point where I was stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled in my corporate job to a point where now I’ve been able to quit my corporate job and earn a residual income every month and I’m about to hit P5000. That’s $5,000 residual income per month, plus trading income. I’ve built teams of over 300 people worldwide, and we’re helping people every single day. It’s Just been incredible. This is just the beginning. We’ve got lots to do. Let’s fucking go.”

-Corinne Florence

I’m from Italy and super excited to be a part of this community. I joined team LFG almost two months ago and Thanks to the mentorship of Jason we are creating a huge group of talented people working to produce money online. I’ve previously had teamwork experience, but nothing like this. This is our leader factory! We empower leaders!

-Nicolò Molfetta

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